You Get a GREETABL! And YOU get a Greetabl! You ALL GET…

If the folks at Greetabl were unsure if their Instagram ads were effective, HI.

I’m Kendra. I watched your sponsored video ad and said HOHOHO, YEHESS. YOU GET ME. I immediately purchased a Greetabl for one of my baes who should receive hers any day now. She will be all asquee when it arrives to her mailbox. Trust.


Y’all. I’m kinda crushing high key on this service. Sending lovemail is basically my raison d’etre, and I like the fact that Greetabl tows the midline between having to pen a greeting card (which is no chore for me but sometimes pressing pen to paper requires commitment that’s just not in us, hey?).


But how cute are they? With the pretty designs and the pictures that you can either pull from your Instagram or your ‘puter. And then the assortment of wee gifties, the stocking stuffer that’s always in season. GAH. Imagine sending that to a bae when you ask her to be your bridesmaid or emergency contact or organ donor? (I recommend going top shelf for the gift if organ donor).


So, what I’m saying is, I know you have an excuse to send a Greetabl and you should definitely send 3 asap. You’ll have a better day and clearer skin and probably karmic magic will follow you all weekend. Especially now that you’ve got a 15% off code WHAT WHAT.

This will be a post in a series about Greetabl, which we should all know and love. This post may contain affiliate links because I am a greedy troll who eats gummi bears for breakfast. Smooches.

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