Walking in Memphis

Memphis is the kind of city that you can fall hard for, and even though it will take a lot of gritty work, you can see a long relationship if you both do your part.

Memphis is not like a Charleston or a Malibu or a Newport, the kind of cities that make you swoon, the kind that give you butterflies and the notion that life will always be this easy and beautiful and well-lit. Even though you know it won’t, because at some point the vacation ends and real life in that town begins.

Memphis is more like a Detroit or a Cleveland or a Savannah–cities endowed with natural beauty, but which are a little more weathered because of what they’ve seen. A little less polished because of how they’ve been treated. But still you know that with a lot of care and investment, this could shape up to be a beautiful love story….

***Memphis with Kids
I fell hard for Memphis  and I don’t care what anyone says. The neighborhoods of Evergreen, Overton Park, Cooper-Young, Midtown rose up to meet me and the sun shone warmly on my back. We scored a great little AirBnB cottage that was perfect for our family of 4. Seriously, fabulous. Message me if you want to know which.

Beale Street enchanted me mid-day.  Graceland ravished me with secrets about the King. Butler Park romanced me, the ducks at the Peabody Hotel enamored me, the National Civil Rights Museum enthralled me, and Muddy’s Bakery melted me in every way. The Neighborhood Church still has my kids singing all the songs (shout-out to Meredith–you are SUCH a blessing). The Memphis Zoo is fantastic (really well-manicured and a good number of exhibits–could have done without the bats, reptiles exhibit. Still can’t get the smell out of that place from making me viscerally gag. Ack.). I’d like to explore the Main St. area more and I’d definitely like to go back and check out the CMOM and do a tour of St. Jude’s.

Overton Park

2014-11-24 12.34.20

2014-11-24 13.16.43


Looking out at the Mississippi

2014-11-24 16.32.32

2014-11-24 16.20.26

Exploring Downtown, Main St. 

2014-11-24 16.06.25

2014-11-24 15.55.00

National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel

2014-11-24 15.44.19

2014-11-24 15.42.462014-11-24 15.42.32

2014-11-24 18.35.44

Muddy’s Grind House – recommend everything. The cupcakes were reeedonk.

2014-11-25 19.33.20

The beautiful Peabody Hotel and their beloved fine-feathered guests

2014-11-26 13.10.34

2014-11-26 13.09.25

2014-11-26 13.06.57

Memphis has soul, it’s been said, and now I understand why. Memphians greet you with wide smiles, open hearts, and quick laughs. Marc Cohn, I get you now, bro. I totally do feel the way you feel.

2014-11-26 15.14.51

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