Things I have pondered while watching “A Different World” on #netflix

different world

– The women of Gilbert Hall did not have landlines in their room. Merely a payphone for the entire hall. I believed that this was the case for my parents but that this was still happening in the late 80s seems ridiculous.

– Sinbad has reddish hair.

– The students appear to have infinite time and an endless appetite for dancing, such that in broad daylight, there are consistently a handful of students dancing for no reason, around other patrons eating at The Pit.

– Julissa is 26 years-old and living in a dorm. Nope.

– Maggie (Marissa Tomei) is the inexplicably white girl at a Historically Black College. I know students who are not black attend HBCs. But she transferred to their journalism program. Really? Cosby was down with this?

– The character of Whitley Gilbert seemed so overblown and unfathomable when I watched this show as an 8 year-old. As a 34 year-old, I have known many a Whitley Gilbert.


– Architectural wedge haircuts were some pretty gnarly ‘dos.

– Maggie didn’t know if her law school boyfriend was going to visit; he hadn’t called OR sent a letter (which she would have found in an open slot in her dorm lounge). So meta 1988.

– The Debate Club met on a Friday afternoon. Wrong again, people who wrote about fictitious college life. Fridays are for napping/laundry/napping while you forget about your laundry.

– Dwayne Wayne really immortalized those flip-ups.

– Lisa Bonet is such an extraordinary beauty and not a bad actress. I would like to see her in more movies. I really loved her in “High Fidelity.”

– I actually remember watching the episode where Rudy Huxtable visits Denise and takes a shine to Whitley. I believe I reenacted the Vaseline-on-teeth scene with my sister, multiple times.

-I wish I could have been a student like Denise — skating by on my matchless beauty and always befit of the flyest fashions. But then that would have been boring after, like, a day.

– Skirt/pants waistbands are literally inches from armpits.

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