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Reasons That Lady Is Unable to Move Her Yoga Mat To Accommodate Mine

1.) Mercury is in retrograde and she’s bound to tip over and you know–dominoes. 2.) Oosh–haha! She wonders if you think we’ll all fit? All 3 of us in a row? 3.) She’s wearing new lululemon and she’s not sure if they’re see-through. 4.) Because why? Did you get a Groupon for this class or […]

When church and the yoga studio are kind of the same place

Worry not. You didn’t miss anything. I’m not going all Eastern religion on you. Sometimes I go to church on a Saturday (actually, I always go to church on Saturday, who am I fooling? I am married to the Jim Bob Duggar of Korean Adventists. Saturday morning, a-churching we will go!). Then I go to […]