Party Train

‘Scuse me. Party train comin’ throuuuuuugh.

But, Kendra? You don’t throw birthday parties? Especially for children. It’s like…against your constitution. Or so you said.

Oh? Who said anything about a birthday party?

Oh, well I just thought, you know, since your firstborn turned five last week and you were talking about party trains that it had something to do with a —

Ahhh. Ah, yes, quite right. Well, I am still the same woman who is not a huge birthday party buff. Or a fan of baby showers. Or bridal showers. Or anything that involves sitting for long periods of time or that feels forced or requires me to wear nylons on a non-work day or that doesn’t involve pinatas. I spend 5-6 days a week in company I don’t get to choose. I need at least one day with a posse of my choosing.

I’m sorry, were you saying something about a party train?

Bah! Yes. Indeed. So, I did use the occasion of Baby Girl’s turning five to invite some of my friends who just happen to have children who are in Baby Girl’s sabbath school class to come for brunch. I may or may not have made a garland with Baby Girl’s name on it as a rouse — causing the partygoers to think it was all about Baby Girl when it was only 90% about her and a solid 10% dedicated to making the Smitten Kitchen french toast and baked eggs ranchero.

Well, that sounds selfish. And decadent.

Summarily selfish and decadent.

Do you have pictures?

Do I have pictures?


You can’t play a princess video game without a princess ensemble. You just can’t.
















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  • bah humbug. pictures aren’t showing up for me. 🙁

  • just kidddiiinngg! i see them i see them! 😀 looks like ya’ll had lots of princess fun! 🙂 <3

  • eunis

    Yay love your decorations!! 🙂

    • kendratheadverb

      All thanks to our Paper Source expedition. Thanks, again, Euni!!