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Starbucks Red Cups and Choosing the Good Portion

As November 1st has become synonymous with Red Cup Season for vapid people who have embarrassingly frivolous priorities such as being the first person to show-and-tell a paper cup to the people who live in their phone, HAPPY NOVEMBER 1ST, FAM! Okay but for real, I enjoy the advent of the Sixbucks festive cup almost […]

An open letter to the white supremacist

Dear White Supremacist: You are not faceless or voiceless or nameless–but on this last account, you are most certainly wrongly named. Chief among reasons, I am compelled to write you to suggest a better category under which to file yourself. *** When I was in my early 20s, I worked with young people at a […]

How a Hamster Funeral was the thing our family needed

“Mom, Doris is dead,” Baby Girl called from down the hall. What? It was the early afternoon. I’m sure Doris, a Syrian hamster, was just taking a disco nap. She had probably been doing the Hamster Hustle all night long. She was nocturnal, after all. “No, Mom. I’m sure. I tried to move her and […]