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Facebook Status Cliches Rewritten As Ballad Lyrics for the Oeuvre of the Late Luther Vandross

I. And just like thatJust li-i-i-i-ike that!… I had a seven year-old. II. On this day,…On THIS day. I married my best Myyyy best friend. III. This weekend… was one for was one for was one for the books. IV. I may not postVery oftenBut when I doWhen I-I-I-I-I do It’s to share This Groupon […]

It’s a Wonderful Wife: What Mary Bailey is teaching me about how to live post-Sandy Hook

Five years ago on December 14, we heard and read of the horror that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, We imagined the grief of these parents who had already wrapped Christmas presents for their children, these babies whom they would now have to bury. Their grief was beyond our fathoming, so monstrous […]

Father Christmas

Father Christmas The first Christmas holiday after my parents’ divorce, our father led my siblings and me through the stuffy corridor to his apartment. He stopped us short of entering, and instructed us to wait in the hallway. My siblings and I waited, swaddled and sweating in our scarves. Then, with a twinkle in his […]