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365 Days

You see me as I am… You know all of my secrets… You sweep me off my feet… You hold me tightly… You are a strong pillar in an unstable world… Your presence creates a warm glow in my life… Your love brings me such great joy, I cannot help but jump. Happy First Anniversary, […]

Bus Ride

I usually claim the last seat on the bus, either the right-most or the left-most corner seats. I like those seats because I can sit cozily with my feet up against the seat in front of me. I listen to my generic iPod and watch condescendingly as the little Toyota Camrys yield for this big, […]

If I were Sweet Sixteen in 2006

I would, of course, have been born in 1990, which is a whole decade away from my real DOB in 1980. How different and yet how unsurprisingly the same my life would be if I were born ten years later. If I were sixteen in 2006, for example, I would not be a supporter of […]