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How I Went to College and a Part of Me Never Came Back pt. 3

Have you ever met someone who obviously cared about learning your name but you responded by being as interested in him as gum on the bottom of your shoe? I officially met Steve at a greeting meeting for our dorm which occured in the chapel which is ironic considering the range of irreverent activities that […]


It is my pleasure to share this hobby with others whose special events and gifts merit that extra special touch. I appreciate your inquiries regarding my services. Production typically takes 10-14 days time. While some prices have risen (largely due to a rising cost of ink), some pricing is negotiable depending on the size of […]

How I Went to College and Part of Me Never Came Back, Pt. 2

Freshman Orientation, it is rumored, is meant to be a fun experience that ingratiates a fledgling freshman with the novelties of Liberal Arts College on a Hill’s campus. In my experience, it came close to being one of the most interminable, generally awful-without-meaning-to-be trials of my then seventeen year-old life. In fact, I think I […]