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Family Reunion

The elder relatives were circulating e-mails recently pertaining to the family reunion. Where would we have it? Who would come? Who will be the designated driver? BYOB? They would ask and reply and forward. Finally, Cousin Mensa Member defused the debate. She said that it wasn’t worth having the reunion. Not enough people were interested, […]

Summer Depression

My friend’s auntie was trying to get her mind around my winter depression. We were sitting out on the back porch and she was skewing her eyes with concern as I explained the function of my sunlamp. The sunlamp, I explained, triggered some kind of seratonin supply that would otherwise be all hibernating in my […]

The Final Chapter: How I Went to College and a Part of Me Never Came Back

Indelible. This is the word that knocked me out of contention as St. Raphael Grade School’s Spelling Bee Representative. I fudged it in the final round. I thought it had an -able suffix. When I set out to write my mini-memoir of the first month of college, I did not think that the succession of […]