tom brady massage

Interview footage with Tom Brady that landed on the cutting room floor of “Tom V. Time”

“Mental toughness is kind of overrated. Mostly I prefer sleeping in and binge-watching ‘Grace and Frankie.’”

“I am semi-competitive. I get sad when I lose ‘Words with Friends.’ I do.”

“Will I retire? Psh. Will Bellichick wear non-hooded sweatshirt apparel, without cutting off the sleeves?”

“My kids have a pretty normal life. I mean, ya, their dad is basically an athletic Benjamin Button and their mom is a supermodel and we’re filthy rich but like sometimes they have to make their beds.”

“Can you tell me something? What do people actually do when they’re tailgating?”

“I’ll tell you the truth. Sometimes in the off-season, I just eat a handful of barbecue chips. The off-season can get pretty crunk, yo.”

“So you’re going to put this out on Facebook? Do I have to, like, accept new friend requests?”

“Gisele. When she tries to pronounce ‘helmet.’ It sounds like ‘hail-mot.’ Uhh, it drives me wild.”

“I could literally, like, not remember anything after I got hit. That’s the real reason I watch the films so much.”

“Do you think I had time to deflate a football? Please. I have a very intense massage schedule to maintain.”

“People jab me for wearing a rain parka during press conferences. If they only knew. Like, sometimes, if I’m having a good hair day, I just bust out the Super Bowl rings and feel fancy.”

“Performing at the highest level requires wearing the right underwear. When I look back at old me, that’s the missing piece. The invention of wicking material is just such a gamechanger, ya know?”


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