In Case There Were Any Doubts

Yes we were a stop-off on the US Breakdancing Tour. (Featured CMJ from Southie – holla!)

Yes we do endorse protective headgear for indoor recreation.

Yes we do tell our daughter that hens lay pastel-colored eggs.

Yes we haven’t opened the Pizza Dome yet because the box is too much fun.

Yes we do die laughing when Vera Bradley is on parade.

Yes we do love this trollop of a dirtball of a little girl.

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Kendraspondence is the personal mischief of Kendra Stanton Lee.


  1. Kendra, What is a Pizza Dome? I feel that I may need one after the novelty of the crock pot that we received for our wedding wears off…

  2. How cute!!! She is precious!

    Who is the boy?

    I was wondering what a Pizza Dome is too!

    Vera Bradley is HUGE here is GA. I had never heard of the brand until we moved here. We even have a store in our little town. I think it’s a must have for every Georgian. I guess I haven’t become a “real” Georgian yet. I still haven’t broken down and bought one. Ha ha.

    Hope you are doing great!

    Hope you are doing great!

  3. Oops. I must have really hoped you are doing great! Ha ha.. Didn’t mean to type that twice. I edited something on the top of my comment, and thought I had deleted that part on the bottom, so retyped it! I’m blonde. Have you noticed?

  4. Go CMJ! Go CMJ! Work it, boy!

    Your babygirl gets cuter every nanosecond.

    PS: I have that pink water bottle. And the nesting stools from IKEA. AND the pink patterned diaper cover. We are

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