Dear Praying People

The FamiLee could use a prayer right now.  Oh, not for me.  Or my belly baby.  We’re staying put.  Fetus Baby knows that Mama has to give a final and collect papers and answer groveling e-mails about why she has to be such a witch and not grant extensions of mercy BECAUSE TWO THINGS WAIT FOR NO ONE:  DEATH AND DILATION, SONNY!  We could use a prayer for Baby Girl, though.  She’s experiencing the inevitable regression of a toddler-not-yet-a-woman precariously teetering on that precipice of Big Sisterdom.  Who wouldn’t need to yank out the infantile rattles and ask to be rocked at intervals of every 2 hours every night and suddenly revert to some cryptic cavegirl code of, “Ahenna wanna flum wum wahhhh” when you and I know that girlfriend just wants another pack of fruit snacks–a request for which she is totally capable of articulating????

Poor Baby Girl.  She knows her world is about to get rocked.


We know in time, though, she’ll be singin’ and slingin’ like a seasoned sister.

(Huge Huzzahs to my awesome neighbor mama friends who pitched in for a new Moby wrap for me and a wee one for Baby Girl).

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  1. I will pray for her and you all. The hardest part of the transition to 2 kids for me (and many of my friends) was feeling like you spend less time with your first child… so it’s just as hard on mama!

    Are you planning on going the VBAC route? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to, but was thinking about that the other day.

  2. I don’t pray, as you may know, but I put my faith in amazing parents who will ease Ms. M into bigsisterhood with patience and care.

  3. Ms. Precosh was already on my mind. How many two-year-olds get that there will be this huuuuge change?

    I wish the three of you peace as this big transition approaches!

  4. Ahhhh, I am now experiencing the exact same thing with toddler girl. she’s been having tantrums for the past week – out of nowhere. I wonder if she suspects a change coming in the form of baby boy? I myself am terrified about battling toddler tantrums on newborn sleep schedule. Ack! Good luck – am sending prayers your way.

  5. Thanks to all of you for the good vibes you’re sending out to the universe for us 🙂

  6. Sending some much deserved prayers Baby Girl’s way. I’m putting my money on her swift transformation into Mommy’s #1 Helper.

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