Coming close

Doing life with brothers and sisters who do not look, smell, sound, vote, spend money, spend time, sing, chew, dress the way we do is highly detrimental to one’s sense of superiority. Residing next to, working and worshiping alongside, breaking bread with them–what a liability that might invite.

Do not seek out or celebrate diversity in schools, in workplaces, in zipcodes if you want to retain an almighty sense of fear about what might transpire. Set boundaries, gerrymander precincts, build the wall high enough to harbor your own, oh for the love, just worship at the altar of Safety for upon our invented sense of Safety does all wisdom flow.

By no means should you come close to those whom you serve. Under no circumstances should you place yourself in situations where you might be uncomfortable, unappreciated, possibly unarmed.

Pray for the Differents, just don’t try to Make the Difference. Follow the hashtags from a safe distance. For the love, just keep your distance.

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Kendraspondence is the personal mischief of Kendra Stanton Lee.
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