Category: Witticisms

Family Reunion

The elder relatives were circulating e-mails recently pertaining to the family reunion. Where would we have it? Who would come? Who will be the designated driver? BYOB? They would ask and reply and forward. Finally, Cousin Mensa Member defused the debate. She said that it wasn’t worth having the reunion. Not enough people were interested, […]

Good Counsel

The fact that my paper on free speech was both 1/8 complete and 7/8 incomplete was giving me heartburn. I wanted to start it so that I could complete it. I hated to start it because it was so galactically far from completion. I woke up this morning and read every webblog and online profile […]


My father, Big Pops, maintains a voicemail message on his business line that I hope he never elects to erase. It is worth calling on your lunch break. It is prime material for a screenplay. It is infamous. His tone is so severe, you are waiting for him to ask you for proof of citizenship, […]