Category: Witticisms

The Truth at the Bottom of the Rice Bowl

My in-laws and I made a tacit agreement in the last six months. They will not ask me about my rice consumption. I will try hard to increase my rice consumption. This concordance arose this past summer when, per their usual, they asked Lovey and me about our rice consumption. Then, they asked again. And […]

More than Morebucks

‘Tis the season for bemoaning overconsumption, and then playing a closeted part in it by ordering all of our frankincense, gold, and faux fur online, exceeding the $100 mark to qualify for free shipping. By golly, doesn’t overconsumption and then taking a rip at the postal carriers feel good. I’ve been extra good all year […]

Pug in the Oven

I don’t expect to be seeing my parents for a long time. Specifically, my father and my stepmother. They now have a newborn in their nest. Which is really great for them. They just bought a new house in a quiet neighborhood. The perfect place to raise a family with a big yard and even […]