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Family Portrait

This may be the last wedding we attend where we are not nursing, chasing, eating in shifts, or calling the sitter to ensure that all is okay. We enjoyed ourselves. But we cannot wait to be joined by our third family member. This life is too predictable. And entirely too tame. You may also like‘Tis […]

I am pretty great at a party

I am pretty great at a party. I am one of those gracious guests that usually brings something -no, I almost always bring something. Although sometimes my libations and edibles are not of the highest epicure. That diet ginger ale? Was probably on sale at Shaw’s, I’ll tell you now. But I’m very self-sufficient in […]

365 Days

You see me as I am… You know all of my secrets… You sweep me off my feet… You hold me tightly… You are a strong pillar in an unstable world… Your presence creates a warm glow in my life… Your love brings me such great joy, I cannot help but jump. Happy First Anniversary, […]