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Memory Lane

I live in a house on Memory Lane. It’s prime real estate on a vast acreage of land, with vistas of all the places I’ve ever lived on or traveled to, all the establishments in which I’ve worked and worshiped, all the schools I’ve locked myself out of “by accident” so I could clap erasers […]

A Moment of Vanity

A moment of vanity to start the week. And a moment of gratefulness, too. I have a vast catalogue of pictures. Shoeboxes full of ones I took with my 35mm film cam, poorly composed photos in our dimly lit family room, high school dance photos where I could sharpen a pencil with my bony elbow, […]

6 months + 3 years = Infinitely Blessed

3:45a.m. I pick Baby Girl up from her crib where she is stirring and I kiss her. My lips feel as though they’ve been burned by her forehead. Lovey Loverpants got paged earlier and so he is at the hospital. Text messages are exchanged. Moments later and he is placing Baby Girl on my lap […]