In like a lion

Hey and woah, was that some whiplash from this past week? British royals trothing, Bin Laden exiting, the end of my adjunctship. Seriously. Whirlwind. Surely I missed the release of a new Toaster Strudel flavor in there? Please inform.

My sister and her beaufriend visited for a long weekend, so I’m just getting back to life without their jocundity. They are lovely folks and very open to adventure-making. So much so that I have no not so many pictures of their time here. We were very busy mounting carousels and giving one another fictitious names and singing the throwback Care Bears theme song ad infintum. And talking about walking, parking, driving, and garages. And making fun of Shad for his iPhone dependency.  ♥ ya, Shad.

There’s a lot happening; even the trees are busy doing their pollination dance and hitting my sinuses with a meat cleaver. I’ve got a hundred squillion and one papers to grade and childcare is nil but it’ll all get done. I know this tried and true business of Getting Things Done. What I also know is that my strength comes from above. I was on my knees last week begging God as to why He was expecting so much of me all at once.  His response was perfect. “I’ve given you enough for one day, Kendra. So just unwrap what you need for today. And tomorrow, well, that’s tomorrow’s business.”


Sights from a princess party at our wonderful and inventive friend LMac’s:

Daisies + Pimms

daisy a day, pimms

Bubbles on the porch


Principesa Ita

ita principesa

AC and her divine twins Cal-Bow and Mooese

AC, cal-bow, and mooese

Viewing party

royal wedding viewers

Charley, king of his castle


Tatum, non-plused

lil man tate

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The last meal of my twenties

We flew into Charlotte, NC because, ahem, JETBLUE!!! Yeah, I know, I’m about eleven years late to the JETBLUE!!! party (and did you hear about this great show “Gilmore Girls”? Because it’s really fabulous). That JETBLUE!!! really is something, though. They seem to abide by the philosophy that if you just keep the passengers snacking and headphoned with full cable access, the flight should go smoothly. My lands, those JETBLUE!!! peeps be smart.

Ultimately, though, we were headed to Asheville, NC where we spent the last four days, and more specifically where I spent four days asking Lovey Loverpants if we could spend another four days in Asheville, NC. Asheville, you ravished me so!!

But anyway, on the way from Charlotte to Asheville, we stopped at Nowhere In Particular Exit Off North Carolina Interstate and Loverpants said, “Where do we want to eat?” to which I said, “The least shady place.” We passed menfolk trying to pass as long-haired boys hanging out at the gas n’ sip with their banana yellow muscle cars (there were multiple!) and pulled in to the WAFFLE HOUSE. I was a tinge nervous that I had hyped up WAFFLE HOUSE in my head based on the vestigial sense memory I have of going there in 1990 with my parents en route to Dallas, TX (from Cleveland, OH, in a light blue minivan, uggggo!) but let me tell you, the waffle I ate on Thursday night –the last meal of my twentysomethings — did not disappoint.

Loverpants took a bite. Oh the buttery mouth-melting fluffiness of it.

Loverpants said to the waitress who was hovering in a friendly yet slightly disconcerting way that he had never been to a WAFFLE HOUSE before. “That waffle is so good!” he said.

“That’s what we’re famous for,” said the waitress, with pride and authority…

…at which point I nearly fell out of my chair from the shock.


You kid.


Are you certain it’s not Long John Silver’s? I mean. You’re sure?

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Attention Hog


See this girl?

We took her to a wedding today.  A Pi Day wedding with no pie.  But excellent cake, that was for certain.

That girl in the picture thought the DJ’s stage was her personal platform from which she was meant to stage-dive onto the dance floor.

And when that dance floor was cleared for the daddy/daughter dance?  That pint-sized girl with the rosy cheeks thought the floor was being cleared for her.  To stagedive onto the dancefloor and announce, “Yay I did it!!!  I did it!!” and run around and spin and wave her arms and pirouette just a few feet away from the father who had emptied his heavy pockets to entertain and feed hundreds of people on a rainy Sunday, on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding.  That father just wanted to dance with his own daughter.  But instead he found himself sharing the dancefloor with his daughter and someone else’s daughter, who clapped vainly for herself, while an entire wedding reception venue exploded in applause for her.  During the bride’s dance with her father.

Baby Girl soon exited stage left.


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