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In like a lion

Hey and woah, was that some whiplash from this past week? British royals trothing, Bin Laden exiting, the end of my adjunctship. Seriously. Whirlwind. Surely I missed the release of a new Toaster Strudel flavor in there? Please inform. My sister and her beaufriend visited for a long weekend, so I’m just getting back to […]

The last meal of my twenties

We flew into Charlotte, NC because, ahem, JETBLUE!!! Yeah, I know, I’m about eleven years late to the JETBLUE!!! party (and did you hear about this great show “Gilmore Girls”? Because it’s really fabulous). That JETBLUE!!! really is something, though. They seem to abide by the philosophy that if you just keep the passengers snacking […]

Attention Hog

See this girl? We took her to a wedding today.  A Pi Day wedding with no pie.  But excellent cake, that was for certain. That girl in the picture thought the DJ’s stage was her personal platform from which she was meant to stage-dive onto the dance floor. And when that dance floor was cleared […]