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Vows not seen in the NYT

The only way to read the Sunday NYT is to dart right for the Sunday Styles section. Otherwise you are dead inside or you are illiterate, or possibly both. Maybe you take a quick scan of whether or not you know anyone in the “Vows” pages. (I never do.)(I was born in the Midwest.)(I think […]

Marriage is not hard.

I must be a slow learner, because eight years have passed and I am just awakening to this truth: Marriage is not hard. Marriage, the equal yolking of two well-matched individuals for life, is not so difficult in principle and practice. You know what is difficult? Overcoming selfishness. Constantly squashing the urge to serve one’s […]


While visiting with the Ohio women folk in my family last week, I observed some fascinating patterns. My grandma, my mom, and I: married, age 24. We are all firstborn daughters, whose firstborn children have all been daughters. I learned that when my mom was preparing to get married, my granny renovated her kitchen. My […]