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Paraguard, False Positive

I am not a very private person but this post definitely falls outside my comfort zone. However, a recent experience has prompted me to share this since perhaps it will help someone else. Hey there, Intranets, here’s ya goes! I have a Paraguard IUD. If you don’t know what that is, then heyyyy maybe you […]


There is a sign that I pass by in our new town and every time I pass it, it strikes me differently. At first, I thought maybe it was placed there by mistake? Like, by some tricky high school kids? You see, it’s one of those big light-up signs with the arrow, that sits in […]


On Monday, or more appropriately, on Tuesday, I went to bed at the ungodly hour of procrastinating college student with a massive deadline o’clock.  Do you know that hour?  It makes you crazy. You start thinking that you are both a Navy SEAL and a raggedy shlub of person. Like you are made of both […]