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So Gay

The cashier, who was straddling that fuzzy facial hair bracket and could have been 15 but also maybe 19, punched a series of buttons on the cash register. Maple McOatmeal Medium McLatte “Wait? How do I put in the Fat Free?” He fumbled. His fingers hovered above the pad of buttons, his eyes darted up […]

The Bully Project

Up until the age of about 10 years-old, I led a very charmed life. I wanted for nothing. The byproduct of a very stable and privileged girlhood for me was a very smug outlook on the world. This is not to say that my parents nurtured a taciturn child. Quite the opposite. But I perceived […]

10 Loves for a Cold January Day

1. I love a tightly-written essay. Preferably by Roger Rosenblatt. 2. I love homemade strawberry marshmallows (strawshmellows). 3. I love my kids’ smiles, unforced, unabashed. 4. I love the feeling of all the tension washing out of my system in a hot shower. 5. I love Zooey Deschanel’s cadence and inflection in “New Girl.” 6. […]