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5 Behaviors that Permeate the Internet

The internet’s social sphere is a high school hallway filled with lockers. Just like in high school, you walk the halls and see faces you recognize and others give you pause, “She goes here? Wahh?” You observe people frantically trying to remember combinations and then busting into lockers and opening the doors wide. You see […]

Me Do This Summer

I start back to teaching this week, so I thought I’d glance back LIKE LOT’S WIFE OHHH NOOOO and take stock of how well I managed to complete my summer bucket list. From June 7, 2012: A list of summer must-dos in no particular order: 1. Organize clips + build professional website Here it be! […]

Good Riddance

You know the Mirror of Truth that Stacey and Clinton hype up on “What Not to Wear”? What do they call it again? The chamber of mirrors where no belly bulge or flood pants leg goes unnoticed? I used to feel as though I lived in that chamber and maybe I still do, but Stacey […]