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Review: Legoland Atlanta

Baby Girl had the day off school on Friday, so we made the junket over to Atlanta to explore Legoland. I love to take advantage of kid-centric places when everyone else is at school, given my allergy to crowds and my abiding fear of Lego fanboy stampedes. The first thing you should know about the […]

Strange pilgrimage

A couple of weeks ago, our scooter had died its ninth death and we were back to being a one-car family so we all dropped Loverpants off at work. I didn’t have a plan and with a full day ahead in the company of two children who would gladly hook their veins up to the […]

Camp Joe Joe’s in #CHA

Last week our little lady was quite trepidatious as Tuesday approached because she was headed to “Art Camp.” She wouldn’t know anyone. It was on the other part of town. And she’d never been before. We had confidence, based on the high reviews of our friends at Cobblestone Rue who sent their daughters there last […]