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3 ways #frozen gets it right about older sisters

You know I am the mother of a young daughter and therefore I was practically conscripted to see “Frozen” which…was not a chore at all.  In spite of the absurdly small waists and absurdly big doe eyes of the main characters Ana and Elsa, I enjoyed it immensely. I know you have all overdosed on […]

2013 #recap

Oh, hey, December 2013. Have you met months January – November of this year? 1. What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before? Went to Savannah, GA (three times–yowsa!). Attended the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. Led a group of students to ATL – CNN Headquarters and World of Coca-Cola. Started […]

Review: Stitch Fix

Twelve years of rocking the Catholic school uniform and this grown-up girl is taking back her wardrobe. Every Sunday I glance at the 5-day forecast and pick out my outfits for the workweek. It’s a task I enjoy; it feels creative and curatorial. I have a penchant for putting unlikely pieces together in my outfit […]