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Evil Cookies

On Friday, we made good on a promise to Baby Girl to visit American Girl (AG) in Atlanta. It is good that we have to drive 2 hours to AG because I am all in favor of the way AG encourages girls to be active and pursue hobbies, but the fact that the doll hair […]

Review: Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff

Simply cannot recommend enough Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff. A former NYT reporter returns to DET as a native son. If you want to understand everything that has happened in recent years in America, Detroit is your learning lab. The ramifications of corporate greed on the middle class and abject poverty? Look at […]

What I want to remember about Christmas 2013

– Seeing Frozen with the Stanwicks and my babies. – Taking many walks out in the legit MidWestern cold – Cousin Sean with hilarious running commentary about Settlers of Catan – Cousins Colleen, Kathleen and Maureen waxing humorous re: Buzzfeed – Mom running a beauty spa with Baby Girl – The old man “making it […]