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Choo Choo

This picture was taken on the morning of a day that changed my life. I knew it would. I mean, how could it not? Look how well my hair was behaving. But, seriously. I felt a great charge on this morning to perform well. Decision makers would be watching me. I felt nervous, sooo nurrrrrrvous, […]

Big enough for a

I had to travel to the South again. This time I flew solo. Got ma’amed a lot. Drove slow. Beheld a great big sky. I guest lectured in a couple journalism classes. I was nervous, but the adrenaline kicked in. I loved seeing the students taken by surprise. Loved seeing their eyes widen, their proverbial […]

Ten for a Tuesday

1.) I recently bought Pull-Ups for the first time.  I felt ridiculously embarrassed even walking down the aisle which obviously shelves bladder control products and diapers.  I sincerely worried that people would assume that I was headed to buy me some Depends, since pregnancy/ childbirth really wrecks your ability to sneeze and not lose control […]