Category: Seasonal Affective Disorder


During the months of October/November and again in the soul suck that is January/February, I get a lot of questions about Seasonal Affective Disorder. I don’t know why I have never written anything comprehensive about my experience with SAD. (How sad, really!). So here I sit in front of my sun lamp with an FAQ […]

Chasing Away the Winter Blahs

This weekend marks the half-way mark. Friends, we are mid-way through the soul suck that is January! January is still such a hard month to endure, my SADness always feels so much more magnified, the wintry weather always swirls of endless gray, and jumpstarting a whole new crop of students for spring semester takes everything […]


I have recently been battling a few things that have crept up to the emotional surface.  I made out their forms beneath the murky waters of obsessiveness and doubt, I saw their heads rise and I was ready with my harpoon.  I tried to conquer them. But the battles were exhausting, and kept compromising my […]