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Oh gosh. Not another crybaby with depression.

This is not a crybaby post about depression. Whatever that means. It is, rather, a very practical post about how I live with depression and generalized anxiety disorder, especially in the winter when it worsens. I’ve learned to make practical modifications so that suicide ideation is no longer a very real part of my every […]

Whitey, Noise: On #BlackMass and our own bully

Lovey and I ran away from home on Saturday night. The nice neighbor couchsat while our littles slept sweet melatonin-infused dreams. We went to go see “Black Mass,” which is the opposite of a sweet melatonin-infused dream, but which might be core curriculum for anyone who’s ever lived in Boston. Even if you have no investment […]

Remembering Chuck

Ten years ago, I was a Resident Director in a freshman building. I was a second semester senior, working on my thesis, tickled to be living in a residence hall with mostly first-year students. They kept the quintessential college experience alive for me: the late nights, the cram sessions, the homesickness, the smells of chicken […]