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Review: The Wounded Healer

Any Henri Nouwen fans in the house? Just wondering. I just finished The Wounded Healer, and I just know I’ll be passing it along. Not this particular copy, of course. It belongs to Lovey Loverpants. And that would be impolite. Paying it forward when I didn’t pay for it in the beginning. Nouwen’s books are […]

U2 in 3D

There are many excellent reasons to see “U2: 3D,” aside from shifting your gaze for 85 minutes from that big red circle on the calendar marking WEE LEE’S DUE DATE. If you are not still carrying a hot air balloon under your shirt a day after WEE LEE’S DUE DATE, there are other valid reasons […]

Juno, see also: “What kind of a girl”

Saturday night – when I was not otherwise predisposed to snarking at the punks next to me in the theatre who insisted that “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis?” came from a show called “Webster” from the ’70s – I was busy allowing the movie “Juno” to inch its way into my Top Ten Favorite Movies of […]