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Racism and a lack of imagination

The last summer of college I spent at home, I hostessed at a chain restaurant that is known in Ohio for serving breakfast all day. ¬†Until that summer, I didn’t know that there were people on earth who ate more than one meal a day at the same restaurant. As it turns out, the usuals […]

New glasses by #Bonlook

I’m not a handbag gal, a shoe maven, or really a collector of much of anything save for my¬†small fetish with Melmac dishware. What I do collect are glasses, especially cat-eye glasses. I wear them nearly every day and although this strikes some people as excessive, I think anything we put on our faces every […]

I did a great job in Miss Schlosser’s class

You hold on to the pencil from your 6th grade teacher, the one she gave to everyone as a memento of your year in homeroom 6A where she hung curtains on the bookshelves to make the cinderblock room look more homey. “I DID A GREAT JOB IN MISS SCHLOSSER’S CLASS” it reads in gold letters […]