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I believe it was a night in mid-January, and January in New England is an interminably gray wintry snowy mucky windy sludgy unjust punishment lasting 31 days. I worked the 1-9p shift at a community center in a hot little pocket of Boston. I was a youth worker for at-risk youth, a position for which […]


Hi. My name is Kendra Stanton Lee. I am an American-born woman, a wife, and a mother of two. I prefer to go by my full name. The family into which I was born and the family into which I chose to marry are equally important to me. I have a master’s degree. I was […]


We took the wee ones to the circus today. It was not the PETA-approved vegan cruelty-free circus, Alec Baldwin take mercy on our souls. But we didn’t rob any banks or park in any handicapped spots en route, so? Does that make us carbon neutral? The circus is not what Loverpants or I remembered. And […]