Category: Relocation

Hello, Goodbye

We got a new car about a month ago. She’s dreamy. We named her after my late grandmother, Eleanor Agnes, who drove until the fierce age of 91 years young. We were blessed to be able to purchase our new whip, and I’m particularly, profoundly celebratory over being a 30 year-old woman who owns and […]

In like a lion

Hey and woah, was that some whiplash from this past week? British royals trothing, Bin Laden exiting, the end of my adjunctship. Seriously. Whirlwind. Surely I missed the release of a new Toaster Strudel flavor in there? Please inform. My sister and her beaufriend visited for a long weekend, so I’m just getting back to […]

On Missing People

If there is one thing that surprises me about the grown-up person I am becoming, it is my tremendous capacity to miss people. Afterall. I’m a child of divorce, rendering me a seasoned household rotater, someone who knows the relationships you are supposed to be able to rely upon like bedrock can lose their solidity.  […]