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Bumper Stickers of the Christian Writers Conference

I have spent this past week in Someplace Beautiful, USA at a Christian Writers Conference. Blessings have been pouring down. I have felt drenched as a writer from the blessings: interactions with fellow writers, editors, agents; insights on the Christian publishing industry; the beauty of creation here. As a little marker of my time here, […]

Me Do This Summer

I start back to teaching this week, so I thought I’d glance back LIKE LOT’S WIFE OHHH NOOOO and take stock of how well I managed to complete my summer bucket list. From June 7, 2012: A list of summer must-dos in no particular order: 1. Organize clips + build professional website Here it be! […]


Do you see the bookshelf in this picture? The one behind the children, one of whom is jumping in various states of dress and the other is manhandling an octopod? That bookshelf, let me tell you of its significance. It was purchased at the IKEA in Hartford, Connecticut with our wedding money. We had returned […]