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8 Thoughts I Have Whilst Getting a Pedicure

1. Why is it that there’s always a leader man of the pack working the nail salon? Why is there a whole den of she-manicurists but only one he-manicurist and he’s the only one who talks to customers? I’m not trying to disrespect hierarchy here, but I’ve entered my fair share of nail salons and […]

Would you like to donate a dollar to the…

Is it just my particular geography or singular luck that for the past month, EVERY transaction (with the exception of a self-check-out) is punctuated with a twinkly-eyed 17 year-old asking me if I’d like to tack on a dollar for the Good Samaritan Charity? ┬áSurely I am not alone in this? Is it National Non-Profit […]

Anything better

In a more recent episode of “Mad Men,” Betty Draper pauses before carving into her Weight Watchers Thanksgiving dinner. Her son reminds her to say what she is thankful for. She says, “I’m thankful that I have everything I want…and that no one else has anything better.” It’s a reflection of her character, a grown-up […]