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The distractions of the world

I love it when people write their own vows, especially people like my brother-in-law and my new sister-in-law who write beautiful vows with lofty aspirations that they will totally pin down like kites yanked from gale winds, because they’re just so committed and wise in their young years that there’s nothing that they cannot achieve […]

The Chances of Being My Friend

There was a time when I was a Bad Friend, one who never called people back, one who talked to people so curiously and condemningly, like they had peanut butter marring their entire faces. I’m a Reformed Bad Friend, by the grace of God, and I try to call people back and try to listen […]

Happy Graduation

Dear Baby Brother, Next month at this time, we’ll all be together for your high school graduation. I’m hoping the day will be sunny, that you’ll get to walk across Rocket field, and most of all, that you’ll hear the hoots and hollers of everyone who loves you, and everyone who has been touched by […]