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Chronicle of Valentine’s Past

1987 – I remember room 1B, the desks aligned in rows with each student’s handmade mailbox scribbled in crayon. Danny B. includes candy in his valentine envelopes, something more exotic than the chalky conversation hearts, and he is the coolest kid in Mrs. Ferry’s room. 1990 – My parents leave us little valentines at our […]

The Agony and the Ecstasy of a Ten Year-old

My firstborn turns ten today. Pardon the theatrics, but I thought there would be more time. On the aging spectrum, our girl is now closer to adulthood than she is to infanthood. By all legal measures, we are past the midway mark of having raised a child in our home. This feels equal parts accurate […]

Facebook Status Cliches Rewritten As Ballad Lyrics for the Oeuvre of the Late Luther Vandross

I. And just like thatJust li-i-i-i-ike that!… I had a seven year-old. II. On this day,…On THIS day. I married my best Myyyy best friend. III. This weekend… was one for was one for was one for the books. IV. I may not postVery oftenBut when I doWhen I-I-I-I-I do It’s to share This Groupon […]