Category: On Being Someone’s Mama

All Before 12:46 p.m.

I remember we have a play date today. At our house. I pack the bags to go back to the library. They are overdue. I do not shower. I did that yesterday. We need to go grocery shopping. I pack the bags to go to the library and the reusable grocery bags because I am […]

Upside of the job

My little girl has been off for a couple of weeks, both off her schedule and just a few notches off from her usual temperament. She’s been teething, and those two bottom teef cuttin fru must be mating under those gums because why else would they be taking the March of the Penguins by way […]

Back to School

I inspect my outfit before I leave and it has not been milk-bombed and there are no tapers on my shorts and I am set. No traces of mom on me. I am vowing to myself that I will not tokenize myself in class tonight as That Mom Student. It’s the first night of classes […]