Category: On Being Someone’s Mama

Seasons of Love

If I’m relying on stats from “Rent,” and there really are 525,600 minutes in a year, then I can say with some measure of confidence that at least 99% of those minutes in the last year have been well-spent. I think a lot of people view time differently once they become parents, and in a […]

Nine Months (since we picked her from the patch)

My baby turns nine months today which means that she has lived outside of me for the general ogling, snuggling, and worrying over just as long as she was in my belly for the general ogling, snuggling and worrying over en utero. Sometimes I still catch a look at her, particularly when she does something […]

When I think of my child…

“When I think of my child I am seized by the desire to make good all my former powerlessness, to love as I would like to be loved: mercifully, completely, unambiguously. [My daughter’s] experience of this love is for the moment rather shady and unclear. I want to write it down and put it in […]