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Home of the Brave

I pulled my ballot from the envelope after passing the Vietnamese clerk, the Cambodian registrar, the African-American police officer, and, looking down at my Korean-Irish daughter, the firstborn American citizen on her father’s side, I began to tell her how important it was to vote, and I couldn’t get the words out, I got so […]

Chagrin, circa spring 2000

I am breezing out of Sociology 101 as I head to catch the shuttle back to my apartment. I am feeling uncomfortably disconnected from the hyper-involved life I once knew as a college student on campus. Then I see the flyer. “Come help the sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha help the community.” They are making […]


IMG_2403 Originally uploaded by shamrox This tree sits in front of my in-laws home. It has garnered some local fame, what with a pine tree spontaneously shooting out of a well-groomed shrub. It is a fascinating little firecracker over which suburbia can marvel. For me, it is an excellent symbol of my experience in marrying […]