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Multi-cultural Monday: Holidays + Disappointments

The first in a series on multi-cultural marriage/family It wasn’t until I joined an online group of multi-cultural families that I realized I wasn’t alone. The pain I was harboring over holidays in my multi-cultural marriage was not isolated. So many marriages and families, whether they identify as multi-cultural or not, struggle especially around the […]

A college professor responds: This American Life #562, #563

The recent two-part This American Life program “The Problem We All Live With” generated a lot of buzz. More than being buzzworthy, though, the investigation offered a real solution to education in America, however difficult it has been and may be to employ. It’s so hardĀ for journalism to not offer a thesis statement in order […]

Confessions of a non-Korean mama

I have so many dear friends expecting babies this year. Come October, I’m expecting a veritable traffic jam of storks in the sky. It’s reminding me of the joy of bringing our own little dumplings home. Our first experience in doing so is forever illuminated for me… January 2008 As we are leaving the hospital […]