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In which I talk about the book

I have not talked much about the book, the book that I wrote, that an agent represents, for which a book deal has been drafted but not signed. Nearly a year has passed since I have seen the draft of the book deal. Since that time, I’ve been waiting to sign something. I’m dying to […]

Racism and a lack of imagination

The last summer of college I spent at home, I hostessed at a chain restaurant that is known in Ohio for serving breakfast all day. ¬†Until that summer, I didn’t know that there were people on earth who ate more than one meal a day at the same restaurant. As it turns out, the usuals […]

Multi-cultural Monday: Aziz Anzari is schooling me

I don’t know if it was better or worse to listen to the Fresh Air interview with Aziz Anzari and Alan Yang before I watched “Master of None,” but I did. I approached the show perhaps a little bit more cerebrally and a little bit more prepared for the gags than if I went in […]