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I don’t think we should be proud when we work a lot of hours. Not that a good work ethic isn’t a point of pride, but I think we should be grateful for our opportunities, and take them as blessings from God. Oh, but now I do so love to complain. And I have, often, […]


I am about to make a huge sacrifice for beauty… I am laying down the sacrificial lamb of my pride to advertise this… which should tell you how passionately I feel about this matter. It is a matter of import, one of tremendous gravity. It is, of course, the issue of non-shadowy-eye-shadow. An oxymoron, you […]


A couple of weeks ago, I was in the bathroom having an intervention appointment with Mary Kay who was working her magic on me with a little thing called showing free radicals who’s boss microdermabrasion, and busy though I was with the pink lady products [which you can purchase and have shipped to you for […]