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Review: 3 Day Juice Fast

Due to the manner in which I Pac-Man ate my way through the holidays and due to the number on the scale that manifested as a result, I put my new juicer from Santa to work upon our return to TN. I elected to do the 3 day juice fast that the fellow who is […]

What’s in K’s skincare toolbox?

(The following exercise is procrastination of the first degree. I have packed exactly one box today, and evidently the ergonomics of a rice cooker and a cake pan were just altogether a heady business because I spent the afternoon funnin’ and saying worshipful things to my wonderful baby daddy on Father’s Day.) So, to satisfy […]

Kendra’s Favorite Things!

OMG! It’s almost as exciting as Oprah’s list, save for the free Volkswagons and cruises and giveaways of any kind. And the commercial fanfare and approval from Stedman Graham. But this list has still been thoughtfully compiled. Maybe someday it will have its own claymation special! With a soundtrack! With ill-advised duets with, like, Mariah […]