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The volunteer corps that has been tending to our sink of dirty dishes and tending to Baby Girl’s newfound interest in reading The Berenstein Bears and Too Much TV – which she subsequently wants to watch on the telly; this toddler knows irony – has left.  They arrived when we were still a family of […]


We brought Little Man home from the hospital.  I got a chocolate glazed donut from Mike’s en route.  I felt it was deserved. *** Baby Girl dropped a large volume of Curious George stories on her foot in an attempt to grab Grover Goes to School.  Through tears, she choked, “I can read this one […]

Dwelling place

I started reading Psalms 91 a couple months back when I felt as though my focus was off.  I was getting trifled by stoopit things and losing perspective on God’s ability to handle the important things.  Psalm 91 reminds us to just dwell in God’s shelter, to trust in His protection and call on His […]