Category: Little Man

Drinking Icees, Slurping up forgiveness.

I check my Swatch watch when I wake up. It’s darling but it always needs to be wound so the time can’t be right. I putz about the bathroom and find my other watch. Oh mercy. The kids are both still in their pajamas. They’ve probably watched 286 cartoons between the two of them today. […]

Inflating a pool, deflating my pride

You hear a lot of voices while you’re inflating the kiddie pool in the high noon sun. Most of them are saying, You are a moron. Why aren’t the kids helping you? Was that a wasp? You are still a moron.   You might even appreciate the irony for a moment, inflating the kiddie pool […]


Dear Little Man, Since you’ve been reminding us of your forthcoming birthday several million times a day for the last ten months, I cannot say it came out of nowhere. You woke me up this morning reminding me, in case I had forgotten in my dream, that today was the day. You were ready for […]