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Exciting News!

Mr. Loverpants and I have long contemplated adding to our brood. We weighed the pros and cons. And now we share in our great little expectation. My book, FamiLee, feels very much like another baby. We are thrilled that the literary agency D.C. Jacobson has agreed to represent this book, a spiritual memoir. We look […]

The Wonder Years

The wisdom of the sitcom series “The Wonder Years,” now streaming on Netflix for my procrastination enjoyment, is the parallel between the main character Kevin Arnold’s coming-of-age and the U.S. as a young nation navigating some tumultuous times. If this were a literary essay, I would generously bandy about the words bildungsroman and juxtapose so […]

5 things you need to know about the author Rachele Alpine

1. Rachele Alpine spent part of her senior year of high school living with an Amish family. This is the kind of life Rachele has been leading since we shared Latin class with the original dreamboat Mr. Wilson. 2. Rachele Alpine has a younger sister named Amanda who is delightful. She also has a dog […]