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What’s in K’s skincare toolbox?

(The following exercise is procrastination of the first degree. I have packed exactly one box today, and evidently the ergonomics of a rice cooker and a cake pan were just altogether a heady business because I spent the afternoon funnin’ and saying worshipful things to my wonderful baby daddy on Father’s Day.) So, to satisfy […]

Review: “All the Better to Kiss You With” Organic Lip Balm

I know you thought that I was done talking about my pregnancy and blah blah blah the baby’s here, Kendra, your ankles aren’t swollen anymore, but evidently your brain is because you keep blah blah talking about your pregnancy. However, this lip balm review just absolutely necessitates that I hearken back to my third trimester […]

Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine/Breath Freshener

In honor of the passing of poor portley Pavarotti, I would like to promote another wonderful thing to do with one’s mouth other than singing tenor in a lyric opera: wearing lip balm (which is almost as noble). Specifically, wearing C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Shine. I really know nothing finer when it comes to lasting, […]