Review: Stitch Fix

Twelve years of rocking the Catholic school uniform and this grown-up girl is taking back her wardrobe. Every Sunday I glance at the 5-day forecast and pick out my outfits for the workweek. It’s a task I enjoy; it feels creative and curatorial. I have a penchant for putting unlikely pieces together in my outfit selections.

Y’all know how I love my gig styling for Keaton Row. (Click the button on the right sidebar if you want a custom styled lookbook just for you, beauty!). Sometimes a gal wants someone to style her, though. Sometimes she wants to be Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” after the Rodeo Retail Snobbers make a Big Mistake. Huge.

Enter: Stitch Fix. On the remote chance you’re not already familiar, here’s my review of the process. My blog idol Jami Nato pointed me to this service a few months ago. I filled out the very thorough survey which makes a gal think about all the decisions and non-decisions she makes re: purchasing clothes.

Once you fill out the survey/profile thing, you input your credit card info. The service itself costs $20, but you can put that styling fee toward the purchase of the curated clothes sent your way, at a time that you designate. Brilliant, eh?

I scheduled a fix for my birthday week because, oh hai birthday cake. Maybe if I buy some new clothes I won’t eat you all. The box arrived promptly and I was so excited because how often does a box arrive that we picked out for ourselves but that is full of surprise? Oh, the 12th of never, right?


The box’s contents included the following:

Separate #1: white shirtdress $28 – although not petite, it is 100% cotton which is my preference.
Separate #2: Red skinny pants $68 – not petite but I would wear these with boots anyways.
stitchfix pants
Verdict: KEEPING ‘EM.

Separate #3: Heart sweater – $68. The fact that this struck me as something I would have begged my mom to buy me in 1986 so I could wear it to a birthday party at the rollerskating rink made me decide, probably not. When I put this sweater on, it was snug in all the wrong places.
Verdict: Sending it back.

Separate #4: Flowy skirt $68- this skirt is dry clean only which is not my preference but the fit was excellent and the piece is unique.

Verdict: Keeping it.

Item #5: My fix also contained these sweet earrings – $28. I have no need for earrings (and you can specify your needs on your survey) but I am always on the lookout for unique gifts for the lady relatives in my life.
Verdict: Sending ’em back.

Clients of Stitch Fix get 3 days to try on and decide on what to keep, what to send back with no penalty. After 3 days, I believe anything you keep, you buy. All in all, I think this is a huge merit of the service. I always feel bad that I’m cutting into someone’s commission when I buy something to take home and try on at regular retail establishments. Or I hem and haw for too long about the price. Stitch Fix forces you to try and decide swiftly, which is good for a deliberative gal like self.

Shipping of all items is free, which is a win-win. Actually, it’s probably more of a win for the client.

And to our right is the original Stitch Fixer, Baby Girl, the fashion maven herself. Even if she is on track to have 7 years of bad luck.


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FAQs for a Keaton Row stylist


I recently launched a side business with Keaton Row and I am having a blast with it. Whenever I start something new, like I change my toothbrush or I decide I just really like roasted beets, the paparazzi and members of the international press race to the scene and overwhelm me with questions, so I thought I would put in writing my answers to the questions they’ve already been frequently asking so far.

Q: So, what is Keaton Row and where is that?
A: I don’t know if it’s a place. I think it lives on the internet. It’s a personal styling service developed by some beautiful Harvard MBA women.

Q: Do you come to my closet and throw all of my dowdy clothes away like that Stacy and Clinton from TLC?
A: No. Everything is done online. You fill out a 5 minute survey and then I pull 5-7 looks for you and put them in an online stylebook. You can either shop from it or just gather ideas/inspiration.

Q: Does the style consult cost anything?
A: Not a penny! (Did that sound too infomercially? Sorry)

Q: Shipping?
A: Free for delivery or return, so no penalty for trying things on. Yay.

Q: Why should I ask you for style advice? Sometimes you look like you are dressed for preschool picture day?
A: Um, ouch?

Q: Well, I just don’t feel we have the same style?
A: Fair enough. Sometimes really great hairdressers have mullets, though.


Q: What if I want to become a stylist?
A: Just fill out an application! Click on the Become a Stylist button here!

Q: Is this part of a racket to get you into a white Mustang or something?
A: Promise you, no. I started this because my highschool mate Annie did such an expert job that I just had to try it myself.

Q: I don’t need style advice, but I have a friend who does.
A: Send her my way! (p.s. This is for women’s fashion only.)



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