Category: I’m going to be someone’s mother

Dear Praying People

The FamiLee could use a prayer right now.  Oh, not for me.  Or my belly baby.  We’re staying put.  Fetus Baby knows that Mama has to give a final and collect papers and answer groveling e-mails about why she has to be such a witch and not grant extensions of mercy BECAUSE TWO THINGS WAIT […]

Dear Newbie ‘Nother Baby

Dear Newbie, I suppose I’m being unfair in assuming you’ve already gotten a good read on me.  I feel as though I know quite a bit about you, even though I haven’t heard your cry (will it be one of those bleating polite ones or one of those incessantly demanding ones?) or examined your dimpled […]

Dear Self of the Future

To my dear self of the future, In case you are retracing your blog steps to investigate What It Was Like to be pregnant in the 9th month for what will most likely be the last time ever (unless God decides otherwise and/or you get invited to host your own reality television show “John and […]