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I will forget today. I have no pictures of today–only the ones etched on my mind, ones that will fade quickly or blend in with the grainy images of countless days such as this. Mornings biding our time with friends. Mid-days dominating playgrounds. Afternoons making sand angels. Evenings postponing bedtime. I will not remember the […]

I know this is not the end even though it kinda is

Dear Loverpants, I have a strong feeling that neither one of us will emerge from this weekend without having met Newbie ‘Nother Baby.  And by strong feeling, I mean that reminders keep coming every 5-10 minutes like an alarm clock vibrating along my uterine walls.  Nay, the weekend shall not close, I suspect, without Newbie […]


When I graduated from grade school (it was a K-8 type establishment), I thought I was going to become a great feminist orator, taking down the patriarchy one impassioned Gloria Steinem speech at a time. When I graduated from high school, I thought I was going to become a great humanitarian, an eventual czarina of […]